Saturday, 17 February 2018


How do you like your daughter's new tattoo?

My London correspondent informs me that Wales is holding a national ‘Visit my mosque’ day. Note the wording. Visit my mosque. Not ‘my local mosque’, but ‘my mosque’. The message here is clear; it will soon be your mosque. And you had better be there for Friday prayers, because we know where you live, and we know where you live because most of your local councillors are Muslims.

Meanwhile, far from the valleys and rolling hills of Wales, in ultra-hip and sophisticated London, they are far too chi-chi to get involved in this kind of retrograde, mediaevalist nonsense. And it is London Fashion Week! This, for my non-British readers, is a celebration of the tailoring skills that once made England a centre of beautiful clothing – largely because of Jews - in the early part of the last century, possibly running a little behind Paris and Milan, but up there with the pack.

Oh no, hang on. It isn’t. It’s a strange, Felliniesque celebration of stupidity and ugliness, where men dress as ultra-bumboys – good name for a band – and women dress as particularly stupid and horrible men.

And now they have joined the queue to become shariah-compliant. A range of ‘modest style’ lines are being paraded at this moronic cattle-show as I write, intended to show the world what a wonderful thing it is for women to be forced into submission by men, ‘submission’ being, of course, the literal translation of ‘Islam’, which does not mean ‘peace’, as your lying leaders and their Islamic puppets – but when will they become the puppeteers? – will tell you.

Is it not strange that the Islamic world bases itself on the domination of women by men, while the Western world increasingly promotes the domination of men by women? But back to London Fashion Week, which might credibly be renamed London Fascist Week.

We are informed by various exotically named organisers of this modern Gomorrah that the Muslim market for clothing is the fastest growing in the world. Do you think the imam in the Welsh mosque that some poor bitch from Cardiff will be forced to send her children to visit believes that? Of course he fucking doesn’t. But, dimly, he will be aware that, to subjugate the kufr, you have to speak to them in their own language, the language of cheapness, tawdriness, nihilism, consumerism, and emptiness.

Of course, real people in the UK couldn’t give a fiddler’s fuck about London Fashion Week. But mediaworld, which is a bit like Wakanda for white people, frotters about it. They love proximity to anything that glitters and flashes and moves about. They are like kittens without the charm of kittens.

And it is the media, along with politicians, the public sector, academia, SJWs, Antifa, and the rest of the enemy agents, who are ushering in shariah, because they wish to be led, being Leftists, in the same way that the radical feminists of Europe, with their ‘Refugees welcome!’ placards, wished to be properly fucked, before being fucked up, because they are essentially rape fantasists.

If the leaders of the UK, and Europe as a whole, are not putting their best organisational resources into making its people shariah-compliant, they are doing a fucking convincing impression of people who are. The police are pictured making that strange ‘out’ cricket umpire gesture with the index finger more regularly than they were pictured dancing with fat black women at the Notting Hill Carnival in 1978. European women leaders wear the hijab whenever they host or visit Muslim potentates (although, to her credit, Marine Le Pen refused). There are shariah patrols operating in London who, as I had to tell some stupid queer here in Costa Rica, are far more dangerous than the US Christians he was obsessed with. You can’t walk dogs in some parts of London. The French are organising their housing benefits along the lines of Muslim law. Shariah. Coming soon to a town near you. Perhaps even your town. Interested? Or is there something good on TV?

Wake up.

Friday, 16 February 2018


What you looking at?

Know thyself.

The Delphic oracle to Socrates

By their fruits shall ye know them.

Matthew 7:16

Call them whatever you like. Leftists, Progressivists, neo-Socialists, SJWs, globalists, millennials, whatever you like. However you want to label this rabble of right-thinkers, biens pensants and Gütmenschen, they are the enemy, even though the world they wish to create will eat them as surely as it will eat you.

They have a command structure, from heads of state and the billionaires who stand behind them all the way down to the skankiest, purple-haired, nose-ringed fat girl standing in the rain with a misspelt placard. They have their enablers and enforcers in Islam, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, NGOs and other forces of coercion, deception and intimidation. They control the media, academia, government and, increasingly, employment.

If you are not one of them, and are unwilling through principle to pretend to be one of them, you will find it increasingly difficult either to keep your job or to get a job in the first place. In a world in which you can be fired for telling truths about immigration or Islam, ‘misgendering’, or again telling the truth about, someone, or simply failing to sing the new anthems loudly and cheerfully and visibly enough, behaviour, language and ultimately thought are becoming increasingly standardised. If they cannot marginalise and criminalise you for failure to adhere to strict protocols, the police will happily help them.

Their strategies revolve around the closure of debate on topics decreed out of bounds, isolation of individuals and the prevention of group cohesion opposed to their views, control of language, historical revisionism, subversion of culture to create a medium designed to carry their language and symbolism, and promotion of a set of unswerving messages. These stratagems ultimately reduce to control as a function of power.

It is very difficult to see how dissidents on the notional Right can fight this kind of totalitarian grasp of, if you like, the ideological means of production. I suggested in my last postcard that a capillary approach is necessary, where individuals you know and work with are ‘converted’ or ‘red-pilled’, as the modish phrase has it, by you on individual basis. Work on them. This is fraught with risk, however, as people are being taught to inform, just as happened in Soviet Russia.

But there are steps that can be taken to improve your own ability to resist, and to prepare for what seems an inevitable collapse into disorder.

The first is self-education. It goes without saying that the modern university should be avoided unless you are an engineer or medical student or similar. The state wishes you to rack up a debt so that you are financially in thrall to it, and it also wishes you to be indoctrinated, to be thought not how to think but what to think. If you wish to be a civil engineer or a spinal surgeon, it is important to be taught what to think. If you are an arts student, learning how to think is paramount, but you will not be offered this option at a modern university. The degrees on offer are increasingly intellectually worthless.

Autodidacticism is the answer; self-education. This program involves both book reading and worthwhile time spent online. But it also consists of what you don’t do as much as what you do. Television has to be the first thing to go. In the UK, getting rid of your TV has the added effect of starving the beast. The more people who ditch their television sets, the less licence revenue the BBC, a fanatically biased hard-Left propaganda tool, receives. Newspapers, also, are a waste of time. There are plenty of websites that will give you what is relevant, and set it in context. The modern media is unremittingly Left-wing, and is firmly in the camp of the enemy.

Libraries, in the UK at least, are being closed down. This is because the enemy does not want poor people to read and educate themselves. But, as the financial collapse approaches, so too charity shops – thrift shops in the US – are springing up, and these are gold mines for literature. Some of the best and most educational books I have ever read comes from this source. For the price of a pint of beer, you can often buy three or four priceless books.

Make time to read every day. Any time reading in the mainstream media about sport, celebrity gossip, politics, education or just about anything else is time wasted, and you have betrayed yourself. You cannot reclaim that wasted time. As Napoleon reputedly said, lost ground can be recovered, lost time never.

Be very careful with the internet. It is laced and sown with deception. An instructive example is to enter the term ‘white inventors’ into the famous search engine Google. Look at what you see, and you will get an idea of what I mean. Learn to discriminate between propaganda and the truth. The reason, incidentally, that ‘discrimination’ is one of the words made forbidden by the political and media class is because it is an essential part of your toolkit.

If you are biological man, become a man. If a biological woman, become a woman. Identify and throw off the new identities the state is trying to invest you with. As Welf Herfurth writes in A Life in the Political Wilderness;

‘The new role models are no longer muscled warriors such as Hector or Achilles, or Wolfhart and Giselher from the Germanic mythologies. The new hero today is an effeminate, bespectacled nerd, a castrate hermaphrodite, ruled over by an asexual bionic woman, sort of a Mega Diesel Dyke – and for good measure a lurking Hollywood-engineered, high-IQ Afro-American scientist destined to act as a white man Superego, as a Doppelganger, as a cleanser of bad consciousness of the guilt-ridden white man.’

This is not to say you must become Hector or Achilles. But shy away from the symbolic series of good and bad people the elites and their media enablers present you with.

Learn to read society. Learn to isolate, identify and reject what Diana West, in The Death of the Grown-Up, calls ‘unseen engines driving the culture’. There are malicious hands at work, coding advertising, cordoning off certain areas of inquiry or possibility, censoring science and history, and giving a moral value to those cultural phenomena which have no such thing. Again, know your enemy.

Know what it is you stand for, have an ideal, look at yourself in the mirror and see a person you are proud to be. Particularly if you are a millennial, reject the falsehoods and lies of your peers. More than anything, reject utterly what Lauren Southern, in Barbarians, calls;

‘…what people of my age are taught to celebrate: …the nihilistic, consumerist, à la carte political consciousness that has been shoved down our throat to cover up the fact that we have experienced an utter dispossession, disintegration of the Western soul.’

Southern is not over-dramatising here. For it is the Western soul which is at hazard. And that soul is your soul. If that sounds religious, that is because it is archetypal, and that is what religions reflect and express.

Finally, be good to yourself, which means paying less attention to the cult of the body and more attention to your mind, your spirit, your self, that about you which is not pampered with fine food and cosmetics, ideal shapes and fitness levels, muscles and breasts. When the enemy comes in for the kill, those things are not going to help you. Don’t run to fat, obviously. That’s just unattractive. But, by the same token, don’t let your mind become thin. An obese person with a brilliant mind is far more attractive than a conventionally beautiful thicko.

The enemy is coming, the enemy is here. Know yourself, and you will know them.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


Resist. Do it now.

Capillary. (Anatomy) Of or relating to any of the thin-walled blood vessels that form an interconnecting network between the arterioles and the venules.

An artist of union, is what we should welcome in every province of the universe.

Goethe, Elective Affinities

They are winning, and they are not you. The Leftists, the Progressives, the globalists, Soros, Antifa, the political elites, the media, the Clintons, the SJWs. How could you let this happen? The people you work with, your friends, your family. They all blandly believe in the lies, the obfuscations, the modern myths, the bullying deceits. What are you doing about it? I mean, actually doing?

I have changed one person’s mind about the world in the last couple of years. She was a straight Leftist of the ‘why can’t everyone just be nice’ variety when I met her, and now she is interested in politics, takes on the Facebook herd, and won’t take crap from the balloon-head anti-Trump, hate-racism, boo-hoo brigade. I have done well.

What have you done? How many people do you know who still tell you that anyone against Islamic immigration is a racist? Drop them. Never see them again, and tell them why. Know anyone who thinks patriotism is racist? Tell them to go away, and not to return. Know any journalists? Tell them you think of their wretched career choice. (I make at least one honourable exception here; I am not referring to sub-editors). Does your family think transgender toilets are a great idea? Go somewhere else next Christmas.

No matter how close they are to you, these people are your enemies.

Be careful, though. At your place of work there will be those who will report you for dissident opinions. Only ever speak to a work colleague of these things without a third party present. It really can mean your job these days.

Your family too, sadly. The Communists actively encouraged children to inform on their parents if there were any sign of heresy. This is being slyly introduced in the UK as we speak.

But the intelligent people you know, the ones who are not the simple sheep, the lockstep marchers, can think for themselves with a little nudge. And you must give it to them.

It is fear that keeps many people from the truth. When I was first alerted to the danger now upon us, at the turn of both century and millennium, I used to think, rather glibly, so what if you are ‘branded a racist’? Tell the brander to go and fuck themselves. That is not possible anymore, and you will lose your job for the wrong comments, the wrong opinions – a phrase actually used by a German politician – or the wrong contacts.

I think of it as capillary action. Just transform one person’s ideas, or, rather, the way they form their ideas. It really isn’t necessary to allow your friends and family to keep living in this ideologically narcotic world. Shake them out of it. I believe the young people call it ‘red-pilling’, after the popular motion picture The Matrix.

You are done else. If not you, your children and their children. If the Left, the white Left utilising Islam and the black Left, build the world they are looking to build, your children will either be in exile, in prison, or in the cold, cold ground. So get moving.

Form groups. Spend less time watching Sherlock or Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones or whatever crap they feed you now and tell you it’s culture, and read. Real books, I mean, not crap. Get on the right websites while they are still there. Be careful though, as I say.

Or perhaps you feel the West is not worth saving, and possibly you are correct. Species die, after all, at a rate of knots, apparently. Perhaps the white West is just the next one for the chop. What will a post-whitey world resemble, though, one wonders. Possibly not the Wakanda mentioned in a recent postcard, the homeland of the fictional Black Panther in the forthcoming movie. The Liberal press, incidentally, has already wet its cami-knickers at the first lukewarm revue given to this moving picture. It is to be revered, if you want to keep your job as film reviewer.

We still don’t know, of course, what they are up to. Is it pure self-hatred, like the self-harmer with her razors and her sad face in the mirror, and the memories of her last boyfriend, that bastard? Is it the globalists, the money-men of the Soros persuasion, playing chess with humanity? Is it the Saudis, propping up the European economies, sclerotic as they are, in return for collateral Islamisation? Is it the long-term plan of the EU elites, to start a chain of civil wars across the continent which, as they link arms, allow those same gauleiters to institute the draconian police states they so desire? Is it the Illuminati? Aliens? God? Who knows? Perhaps no one does.

But you know it is happening, just as you know the rain is falling or the sun is shining without necessarily knowing why. It doesn’t matter. The rain still falls, the sun still shines. The difference is that you know, more or less to a certainty, that it is not pixies making the rain fall or Odin making the sun shine. Your friends, family and co-workers who believe that immigration is a great good, that transgenderism exists outside the therapist’s office, that sexism is rife in the workplace, that blacks are oppressed by whites, that Islam is the religion of peace, that white men are to blame for the ills of the world, and all the rest of the diversionary, virtue-signalling crap churned out by the media and their puppeteers, the elites, and your boss, they don’t quite get it yet.

Beat some sense into them, intellectually speaking, ontologically speaking. Be capillary, form a fine network. Be what Goethe calls ‘an artist of union’. Tell these so-called friends what’s what. Point them in the right direction. Or leave them to rot in their own pathetic sties.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Deutschland Über Abyss

Do not stare too long into the abyss, lest the abyss stare into you.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

A note from the diary of a German ex-ambassador;

‘This woman – Merkel – is Germany’s destiny for good and for evil. If she now goes over the abyss – which Fritsch believes she will – she will drag us all down with her. There is nothing we can do’.

Sorry. That was very naughty of me, and is fake news of the worst kind or, I suppose, of the würst kind. The diary entry was indeed that of a German ex-ambassador, but it was written in December 1938. The writer was a man named von Hassell, and his note reflected the concerns of many of the German high command, which is why the subject of the entry – you just need to replace ‘Merkel’ with ‘Hitler’ and change the relevant pronouns – was so meticulous in cleaning out what he saw as the Augean stable of his command structure. This he did. Prior to the great purge that preceded WW2. Hitler pre-empted Michael Corleone’s now-famous dictum from The Godfather; Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

In 1938, Germany was on the edge of catastrophe, staring into an abyss it didn’t even know it was staring into. In 2018, Germany stands on the edge of an abyss of a very different nature, but one which is just as dangerous. In 1938, the danger was exemplified by torchlit parades of jackbooted men through the streets of Berlin. In 2018, its image is one woman walking quietly through the streets of Hamburg.

Last month, a young lady called Uta Ogilvie walked from the suburbs of Hamburg to the more moneyed enclaves of the city. She had a sign which read ‘Merkel must go’, and she walked the streets in silence with the sign held aloft. It was a Monday.

Ogilvie is a Buddhist with no apparent political affiliation. The following Monday, around 60 people joined her in her walk. Like the original PEGIDA walks, this was in silence. Then the trouble started.

Ogilvie received death threats from Antifa. Her house, which she shares with her husband and children, was vandalised and threats spray-painted on the walls. At the next walk, 150 people had to be protected from 500 Antifa by hundreds of policemen. This is Germany now.

In what sense does it differ from the Germany of 80 years previously, with its leader who so worried ex-ambassador von Hassell?

Hitler wanted war, mostly as revenge for the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles. It is difficult to believe that Merkel does not want war but, rather than an international conflict, she seems to be engineering a civil war rather than a campaign designed to conquer other lands for the lebensraum Hitler believed the Germans needed and deserved.

Hitler wanted a particular ethnic group, the Jews, to leave Germany. Madagascar was at one point proposed before the final solution was put into place. Merkel, of course, wants an ethnic, or rather religious, group the Left pretend is ethnic to enter Germany in its millions. She has said that there is ‘no theoretical limit’ to the amount of Muslims who can be introduced to Germany. Think about that statement. Curious that she has chosen the one group of people who despise Jews. One could almost suspect a similarity of desire between her and her famously moustachioed predecessor.

Hitler was psychotic. If you read studies of the three great exterminators of the 20th century, Mao Xidong, Stalin and Hitler, the first two come across as eerily sane. It is only Hitler who shows signs of extreme psychological dysfunction. Merkel is so much the image of the German Hausfrau that she is famously nicknamed Mutti, or ‘Mummy’.

It is hard not to rejoice in the fact that Germany seems finished. This wretched country has caused far more trouble than it is worth, and perhaps it needs to die in self-inflicted agony for the rest of us to live in peace. Germans are already leaving for Poland and Hungary. Back at home, however, there is resistance.

Tommy Robinson, the British media’s scapegoat, bogeyman and pharmakoi all rolled into one, has made several videos showing that Germany’s real people may have had enough. While Merkel hangs on to power – the non-entity ex-EU puppet Schulz has just resigned – ordinary people who in normal times would despise the symbolism of German street marches and rallies, are doing just that.

No ordinary Western person wants Islam in their country, no matter how much the elites and the media tell them at fistpoint that they do. It is cancerous and backwards, a hideous belief system based on the very patriarchy that today’s pathetic feminists claim to despise. It is racist, exclusionist and sexist in the worst and most violent sense. And Angela Merkel has done everything in her power to establish it in Germany.

In the end, Hitler loved Germany to the point of psychosis, while Merkel hates the same country to the same psychological state. While Hitler has his SA, and his stormtroopers, Merkel has Antifa to do her enforcing for her, backed up by a police force cowed into collaborating.

It would be strange if Germany, which twice tried to destroy the rest of the world in the last century, now destroyed itself. But mankind and its history is nothing if not strange. We will leave the last word to the greatest German who, perhaps not coincidentally, himself descended into the abyss of insanity;

‘The German soul has corridors and interconnecting corridors in it, there are caves, hiding-places, dungeons in it; its disorder possesses much of the fascination of the mysterious; the German is acquainted with the hidden paths to chaos.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Hollywood's latest distraction from the real world

Racism. It is the new ‘abracadabra’ or ‘open Sesame!’ in that it has magical powers to transform, can effect the dream of the Renaissance alchemists, actio in distans; power over distance. It is the magic talisman that black people, SJWs, virtue-signalling celebrities, the media, politicians with a weather eye on the polls, and every other right-thinking Gütmensch has on speed dial and hot key.

As numerous commentators have pointed out, if we white people are endlessly and relentlessly called ‘racist’, the only sensible option is to throw one’s hands in the air, pop on the old white sheet and cone hat, and say ‘guilty as charged’. But this is not an option if you are in the entertainment business, as we shall see…

In 1979, Elvis Costello, then a rising star, was touring in the States, and got himself into a brawl with Steven Stills and entourage when he referred to James Brown as a ‘jive-assed nigger’, and Ray Charles as a ‘blind nigger’. He did not apologise, curiously, but explained his remarks as due to drink and the stress of touring. His journey from there to singing lead vocal on Leftist hymn Free Nelson Mandela was thereby pre-determined. Free Nelson Mandela. With what? Cornflakes?

Eric Clapton recently made what is by now a pro forma groveling apology for approving comments he made about Enoch Powell, as well as an addled tirade against blacks and, rather presciently, the fact that Saudi Arabians were taking over London. It was spicy stuff, even for an alcoholic cocaine addict, and it got him into a lot of trouble. But the main salient fact for the racism brigade is not the original sin. It is the necessity of the apology. Now, use of the word ‘nigger’ would end a celebrity career, and far less is required to wring an apology from a cringing white man.

Over-rated over-acting Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch got himself into hot water in the USA when, on a chat show, he bemoaned the fact that in his native country there were not enough roles for his ‘coloured’ colleagues. Oh dear, Benny. He was roundly chastised and fitted for a hair-shirt by none other than… the NAACP, which stands for The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. Blacks decide your lexicon now, white boy. They can say it, but you can’t. Cumberbatch has spent his time since getting involved in just about every SJW cause he can lay his pinky-white hands on.

Speaking of which, and I have mentioned this before, but sometimes Leftist thought patterns have to have their faces smashed into a wall until the blood comes. Everyone is coloured. Everyone is a person of colour. I am. You are. The only person who isn’t coloured is that invisible guy in the corner. Ridiculous phraseology needs to be ironed out of your everyday language. Make it your enemy. But I digress.

The apology now is everything, and it takes many forms. But the message from white liberals using blacks as their ideological marionettes is clear.

Tidy up the past.

The latest cinematic attempt to fool blacks into thinking that everything is going to be okay for them as soon as white people are removed from the mis en scène is the ubiquitous Marvel Comics’ new movie Black Panther. This is set in the fictional African country of Wakanda, a miracle of technology and peace which is intended to show what would have happened in Africa had the evil white man not intervened. I’ve watched the trailer and you probably have too. It is a comic-book rendition, but it is on its way to becoming history. The larger fiction which is black history month will probably soon incorporate it as fact.

Wakanda. A black James Bond. A black Hamlet. Racial quotas for Hollywood movies. How many of these crumbs are blacks going to scoop from the floor beneath the white man’s table before they see they are being gamed? A recent film starring Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill apparently features a scene – which never actually took place – in which Churchill rides the underground, or subway. Surrounded by members of the public who proffer advice, Churchill quotes from an – apparently – famous English poem. When he can’t remember the last couplet, the poem is finished by… a black man! As Peter Hitchens points out, the chances of seeing a black man on the British tube in the early 1940s would have been vanishingly small, let alone a black man versed in English literature. I didn’t recognise the poem, and I am well read. A few years ago, the BBC produced a version of Brighton Rock. One of Pinkie’s cronies – Dallow, Spicer, Cubitt, I forget which – was black. Why? What does it add to the production except tokenism?

I have heard some casual racism here in Costa Rica, almost all of it by north Americans whining about Costa Ricans, whose country this happens to be. But for a good dose of the hard stuff, we have to turn to a black woman.

My London correspondent, a hawk-eyed spotter of news items which encapsulate these tawdry times, sends me this from Great Britain’s Daily Mail, a newspaper which used to be a refreshing read before it went all Piers Morgan and joined the ‘in’ crowd.

Andrea X – see what she did there? – is a black woman who has started a retreat in Puerto Viejo, on the east coast of the country, where only black women are allowed to stay. Yoga, meditation, vegan food, all the trappings of white hippies, but this time you get to whine about whitey too.

Yes, it is to escape the racist USA that Andrea has banned all white people in a wonderfully refreshing and thoroughly non-racist move. She even feels that white people shouldn’t be allowed to have passports, despite white people having invented them – see Henry V in 1414 - along with much else Andrea will undoubtedly be using at her ‘retreat’. Funny that she didn’t choose Detroit for her business operation. Can’t think why not.

Andrea is concerned about ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘passive-aggressiveness’ in the USA, two more things invented by whites, even thought they don’t exist in the real world. And, of course, Donald Trump is the pantomime villain, despite black unemployment levels being at historically low levels. If you can’t see that the modern war is not black versus white but ordinary people against the political elites, get back to Black Panther.

But have your space, Andrea. You can be sure we won’t bother you. And have your black James Bond, your Wakanda, your Ta Nehisi-Coates, your safe spaces, your race tribunals, your own co-axial language, and your manufactured hatred of white people.

If you can’t see you are being played, you deserve your Detroits.

Monday, 12 February 2018



There is a function on Blogger, which is the platform hosting this weblog, which allows one to discover exactly where on God’s good earth folk are beaming in on my musings. I only discovered it recently. The function, I mean, not God’s good earth.
According to this clever little piece of kit, a few of my readers are present here in Costa Rica, which may go some way to explaining the coldness of sections of the local community when it comes to self, and the US is well represented, as is the old homestead, Great Britain. Bonjour to my French lecteurs, ciao to my Italian piccolo esercito, shalom to my chums in Israel, a hearty 여보세요to my South Korean pals – pass it on to the folk in the north, would you? They appear to be missing out on my genius – and a rather surprised Halo to the 28 Indonesians who have tuned in.
But when it comes to the most enthusiastic consumers of the Traumaville Gazette, one country claims almost 50% of my readership.
So, it’s a roaring great Здравствуйте to my Russian comrades.
What on earth draws you Russians to read my drivel? Don’t think I am not grateful. I am. I note that there are precisely zero readers from Germany, and I wonder whether I might have got myself on the naughty step in that troublesome country. I do hope so. The Krauts may have given us Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hegel, Heidegger, Bach, Beethoven, Goethe and Caspar David Friedrich, but we have also had to put up with Hitler and Angela Merkel, and the fact that they always win the bloody football.
But, if I ever decide that I miss cold climes, and the tropics are too much for me, I shall be brushing up on my Dostoevski, purchasing a bass balalaika – pictured above - and looking for employment as a Volga boatman. Unless there are jobs for musicians on the Steppes, or wherever the top clubs are. Anyway, I’ve got the moustache for it, I approve of the headwear, and if the Great Bear ever requires a reprobate and itinerant Englishman, I am very much your man. Nostrovia!


Do not resuscitate

Old Traumavillians will occasionally feel as I myself have felt while relaxing over lunch in a British public house run by a bar manager tardy in the matter of musical entertainment. A manager inattentive to the CD currently playing, usually for the benefit of the staff rather than the customers, will invariably let the same copy reiterate itself without replacement, with the result that a constant feeling of déjà vu overcomes one as the same song rolls around once again. This can be particularly irksome if, as I did when in England, one spends a fuck of a lot of time in pubs.

So it is that those of you who have loitered with intent on this website will eventually see the same old concerns popping up again and again. This weblog was started to allow me to understand what it is that I believe, as well as to hone my writing style in expressing those beliefs. It was never meant to change the world. It was meant to change my world.

Some of my beliefs seem pretty unshakeable. I am, again as Traumavillian Old Boys will know, a Nietzschean, which means that I understand cultural, epistemological, moral and political relativism. What that means is that the idea of constants, yardsticks, definites and all other pseudo-scientific calibrations using a measure which can always be referred to as an arbitrator – like the aluminium meter-long rod preserved in plastic outside Paris – are open to question at the same time as they dictate the various ranges of their, as it were, jurisdiction. We come back to fixed belief systems because we have to, because we are human, all too human, but the belief systems are choices among choices.

But other beliefs change.

The most recent of my beliefs to undergo what Shakespeare called, in the wonderful play The Tempest, a ‘sea-change’, is that the USA was something to be admired. I no longer believe that to be true. I think the USA is the enemy, my enemy, and if I were asked, at gunpoint, whether to flee to the US or the USSR, as was, I would be buying a huge bearskin hat as we speak and looking at the Aeroflot timetable.

If any of you believe that I write this because I have a problem with the election of Donald Trump, you have come mistakenly to the wrong website. I have a problem with Trump, but not with his election. He is obviously a conservative, as am I, and he is having to work against an opposition party not called the Democrats, but called the deep state, including the media, academia, the public sector, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, lots of people you know and work with, Hollywood, Uncle Tom Cobley and all. But he is not the problem. He is a symptom.

The problem with the USA, what makes it corrosive, is its culture. It isn’t even that the USA has no culture. It has. It has a sort of anti-culture. I am from England, and thus more or less from Europe. I know what culture is. Culture educates and improves, it speaks to inner territories in human beings in such a way that those territories improve and blossom. Listening to Bach, reading Shakespeare, dwelling on the paintings of van Gogh will not just make you a better person. It will make you a person, full stop. Or period, as north Americans say.

Now, it has to be said that Bach, Shakespeare and van Gogh are all dead, but their work is not. Their work is invincible, unkillable, too tough to die. And, despite the best efforts of the Left to prevent this, their influence and presence in European life is still recognised and celebrated. By real people, that is, not by the elites, who despise white culture, or by the SJW brigade, who are too stupid to know about it and its great glories.

The US has tried to expunge culture with a sort of vomitus of tattooed and bejeweled celebrity. Basketball players, rappers, golfers, TV presenters, journalists, actors, transgender models, reality TV stars, footballers, activists; these minimally talented icons of vulgarity have replaced culture for north Americans. They do not and cannot have a Mozart or a van Gogh, both poor men all their lives, because they have the insanely rich Jay-Z or someone who can throw a ball into a hoop. Yes, throwing a ball into a hoop is very skillful, but not as skillful as saving the live of someone who has been stabbed a dozen times.

Wherever you find worthlessness and trash, of course, there you will find the media, and they are complicit in the cheapening of a once-great nation. I was in West Virginia before the last election, and saw much of the US news coverage. Watching it without prior knowledge, one would assume that the average age of a north American was about seven.

As for the United Kingdom, like an impressionable child, it has picked the worst aspects of US culture and embraced it. Television there is unwatchable. Political correctness has cordoned off any possible access to truth, unless you are prepared to risk your job and your freedom by actively looking for that grail. Politics has become pop music for awkward and ugly people. All that is missing is the TV evangelists.

In the end, the USA is to be ignored while it dies. Scott Fitzgerald, Gershwin, Hemingway, Jack London, Warhol and the Velvet Underground, the jazz greats, The Ramones, the wonderful pre-1990 movies, the art, the real art, everything that can be adored about the USA remains, for those who have ears and eyes, but the country is like a great rotting tooth, and its coming demise is something profoundly to be wished for.

Goodnight, uncle.